In May of 2010, I began a blog about my experiences at the hands of an abusive priest when I was little. Writing here, sharing my story, hearing your story…it was all was amazing. As I learned more and more about our parish and our pastor, I realized that I had a much, much larger story on my hands than your garden-variety Pedophile-Clergyman-Meets-Kid tale. I am currently working on larger project and have taken the blog content down. Check here for further updates.


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  1. Beth Davenport says:

    I stumbled upon your blog through a facebook acquaintance. I attended that school and remember all the things you have written about, though I was not abused by anyone there. To think about what my friends and playmates must have endured is sickening. My heart really goes out to you, A., and everyone else who suffered at the hands of that heinous freak.

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